Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Cart

Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Cart
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  • Financing Available on Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Carts!
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Converts the K970 or K1260 hand-held saw into a walk-behind saw. Makes cutting in straight and curved lines easier, Designed for water, sewer and underground utilities; transportation, highway and road departments; and construction and general contractors.

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Husqvarna KV970/1260 Cutting Cart

The Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Cart is designed for Husqvarna’s K970 and K1260 handheld saws. It lets you cut in straight or curved lines in concrete and asphalt and close to walls and curbstones with hand-held saws. Its quick connections make it easy to attach a saw, and the cutting depth is easy to adjust. It's also compact and easy to fold up and transport. The Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Cart is designed for the needs of underground, water and sewer departments; road, transportation and highway departments; and construction, and general contractors.

Husqvarna KV970/1260 Cutting Cart Benefits

  • Quick to Mount: The Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Cart's quick connections make mounting a saw easy. Comes with a four-gallon water tank for wet cutting.
  • Versatile: With the Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Cart's adjustable cutting depth.
  • Easy to Maneuver: The Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Cart can cut close to curbs and walls and in straight or curved lines.
  • Easy to Transport: The Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Cart is compact and easy to fold up, transport & store.

Husqvarna KV970/1260 Cutting Carts Are Designed For:

  • Cutting asphalt and concrete easier and faster.
  • Cutting asphalt and concrete in straight or curved lines.
  • Reducing operator fatigue when using hand-held saws.

Who Uses Husqvarna KV970/1260 Cutting Carts?

  • Asphalt, paving and concrete contractors.
  • Road, transportation and highway departments.
  • Construction companies and general contractors.
  • Underground, water and sewer utilities.

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