Safety Blade Vacuum-Brazed Cup Wheels


Vacuum-brazed diamond cup wheels for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric grinders. For use on all steel and metallic products.


Safety Blade Vacuum-Brazed Angle Grinder Cup Wheels Specifications




Grinding Surface:


Diamond Percentage:


Ductile, cast and angle iron; galvanized steel; schedule 40 and 80 steel pipe; HDPE; C-900 plastic pipes; metal braces; flat stock; hardened lock shackles and padlock bodies; hockey puck locks; chain link fence and security gates; bulletproof glass; rebar; stucco; concrete; block; brick; stone; asphalt; wood; drywall; car doors; 2x4s; plywood

Dry grinding, can be used for wet grinding.

Can grind with both the cup and the edge

No weld. Cup wheel is solid steel. Eliminating welds eliminates shattering and grinding segment loss.

85% vacuum-brazed diamond.

Life Time Operator Error Warranty against breakage, warping and wobbling, as well as any accidental damage to the blade caused by the operator.


Safety Blade Vacuum-Brazed Angle Grinder Cup Wheels Data Specs

Part NumberDiameterArbor SizeRPM RangeEquipment
VBGW-4 4" 5/8, 11 Thread 9,000 - 15,000 Angle Grinders Angle grinders