Ergonomic Supports

Ergonomic Supports
Make Work Safer and More Comfortable with Ergonomic Supports!

If your job has a lot of repetitive movement or heavy lifing or if you've been injured, then you probably need back support belts, knee supports, ankle supports, or wrist supports. Ergonomic supports can make work more comfortable and reduce your chance of injury. No matter what kind you need, we have it!

Made by LIFT.

LIFT Bracer Wrist Brace
Ambidextrous wrist supports that protect against hyperextension and provide great support. Made by LIFT.

LIFT Hitch Thumb/Wrist Braces
Light ergonomic wrist supports that fit inside work gloves. Made by LIFT.

LIFT Neo AS6 Ankle Supports
Neoprene ankle supports that fit inside shoes and boots. Fits left and right feet. Made by LIFT.

LIFT Neo ES1 Elbow Supports
Neoprene elbow supports that give relief from tendonitis, bursitis, and ulnar nerve compression. Made by LIFT.

LIFT Neo KS1 Knee Supports
Neoprene compression knee supports. Made by LIFT.

LIFT Neo KS2 Knee Supports
Dual-strap knee supports that stay in place without slipping. Made by LIFT.

LIFT Neo Wrist Supports
Lightweight, comfortable compression wrist supports. Made by LIFT.

LIFT Stretch Belt
Ergonomic back support belts designed for maximum back and abdominal support. Made by LIFT.


Quick Facts about Our Ergonomic Supports

  • Back support belts, knee supports, ankle supports and wrist supports can prevent injury and make your job more comfortable.
  • All ergonomic supports on this page are made by LIFT.