Concrete Combo Blades

Concrete Combo Blades

Why Waste Time Switching Blades?

Each one of Desert Diamond Industries' Concrete Combo Blades is a great concrete blade as well as a great asphalt blade or masonry blade. You save time wasted switching blades and money on more specialized blades.

Need a concrete blade? Try our Semi Pro Concrete Blade or Pro Concrete Blade.

Need an asphalt blade? Try our Handheld and Low Horsepower Walk-Behind Asphalt Blade, Semi Pro Asphalt Blade or Pro Asphalt Blade.

Beast Concrete Combo Blades
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Combination concrete blade with alternating turbo segments for lightning fast cutting. Cuts: Reinforced concrete, asphalt, brick, block, and most natural stone.

Champion Concrete Asphalt Combo Blades
Combination concrete blade and asphalt blade with drop segments to eliminate undercutting in abrasive materials. Cuts: Concrete and asphalt.

Concrete Ring Saw Blades
Ring saw blades that cut 10" deep, twice the depth of any other 14" saw blade. Reduce excavation and increase safety when cutting buried pipe and conduits. Made for excavators and water and underground utility workers. Designed for the Husqvarna K970-14" Gas Ring Saw and K3600 MKII Hydraulic Ring Saw. Cuts: Concrete, brick, block, and stone.

Flush Cut Concrete Masonry Blades
Flush cutting concrete blade and masonry blade with a recessed arbor for angle grinders. Turn your angle grinder into a flush cut saw. Flush Cuts: Masonry, concrete, and some natural stone.

H-Hype Concrete Masonry Combo Blades
Combination concrete blades and masonry blades with big high-speed cutting segments for fast and aggressive cutting in hard materials. Cuts: Hard concrete, brick, pavers, and other hard materials.

Monster Concrete Combo Blades
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Multi-purpose concrete blade and masonry blade. Cuts: Reinforced concrete, brick, block, and stone.


Concrete Combo Blades

We bet that you don’t cut just concrete or just asphalt or just masonry in the course of a day or a job. Instead, you probably need a diamond blade that can do double duty as a concrete blade, an asphalt blade, or a masonry blade.

Each of our Concrete Combo Blades can be a concrete blade when you need to cut concrete, an asphalt blade when you need to cut asphalt, or a masonry blade when you need to cut brick and masonry. They save you money on specialized blades and time that you’d spend switching out those specialized blades out on the job. Check out each of our Concrete Combo Blades and see how they can help you get the job done faster and cheaper!

Quick Facts about Our Concrete Combo Blades

  • Each of our Concrete Combo Blades does double duty as an asphalt blade or masonry blade as well as a concrete blade.
  • Each of our Concrete Combo Blades cuts a wide range of materials. You save time switching blades when you switch the materials that you cut.