20-Segment Grinding Heads Specifications Data Sheet Specs

20-Segment Grinding Heads

20-Segment Grinding Heads - Angle grinder, right angle grinder, 10-inch grinder, 10" grinder, grinding head, concrete, floor, flooring
(Part No. 716MBx5/8, 716HBx5/8, 716THINx5/8 or 716TURBOx5/8)


Diamond grinding heads for grinding and material removal on concrete floors. Comes in four different segment bonds and designs for different surfaces and applications. With special bolt hole pattern for most 10-inch grinders.



Grinding, material removal, floor preparation


10-inch grinders


5/8. Bolt hole pattern fits most 10-inch grinders.


Concrete floors

Segment Bonds Available:

Medium bond (715MBx5/8), hard bond (715HBx5/8), thin-plate (716THINx5/8) or turbo (716TURBOx5/8)

Segment Height:



Life Time Operator Error Warranty against breakage, warping and wobbling, as well as any damage caused by the operator

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